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  • I believe in happy families, dinners together,
    and that when it comes right down to it,
    the little things are really the big things.

    In the whirlwind of parenthood, from the
    sleepless newborn nights to the busy days
    of scraped knees and Band-Aids,
    your memories are the only things
    that last. Revel in them.

{Skater Dude} Ventura County Child Photographer

I recently had the good fortune to meet this lovely family.  They purchased a session that I donated to St. Baldrick’s (which is a fantastic organization…if you haven’t heard of it before please take a peek!) and I’m so glad they did.  It was really quite easy to photograph these guys because they are not only a very photogenic bunch, but they are also fun!  We had a great time playing at our session at Mandalay Beach Resort in Oxnard and I’m pretty sure little Mr. Deagan took a looonnnggg nap afterward…we wore him out!

Family portraits in Ventura County, California.

I like to have my clients bring items/toys/props that are reflective of what their kiddos are into at the time.  I think these little trinkets are a great way to bring out their personalities and will help us as parents to better remember what they were like at a given age.  As all of you parents out there know, once you have children time passes at warp speed.  I don’t know if it is the lack of sleep, constant running around, the never ending struggle to keep your house from looking like you belong on the next episode of Hoarders, or a combination of all of the above.  All I know is that once you have children time speeds up–exponentially–and it is so so important to hold on to the memories that we have of our little ones, because really these memories are all we have at the end of the day.

Sorry…off on a tangent there!…right now Deagan is into his skate boards, both big and small.  Have you ever seen such a cute little skate board?  I love it!

Ventura County Children's Photographer • Child Photographer Daniele Rose

He was pretty good on his big board, too.  With a little help from dad of course…

Ventura Child Photographer • Ventura Child Portraits

Thanks so much to this family, not only for the super fun session, but also for supporting St. Baldrick’s.  I appreciate it and I know they do to!!

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{At last} Ventura Family Photographer

This session is close to my heart because we’ve become friends with this beautiful family.  My son Ryan and their oldest, R.C., are in the same preschool class.  At the kid’s Christmas open house I started chatting with R.C.’s mom (who was then super cute and pregnant!) and she told me that her husband was deployed and that his squadron had been extended, which meant that he would be missing the birth of his second son.  As the mother of two rambunctious little ones myself I could instantly sympathize.  Not only did she fly solo with parenting duty for 8 month’s while her husband was deployed–and remember, she was pregnant!–now she would be giving birth without her husband there to hold her hand.  Since that first conversation we’ve had many more talks about the subject and never once have I heard her utter the slightest complaint about the situation.  I find her to be incredibly strong, undoubtedly brave, and unconditionally loving to her two sons.  I could go on and on, but lets get to the pictures:)

This was the second opportunity that I’ve had to document a home-coming for a family (see the first one here).  The energy of the day was, as it was the last time, emotional and joyful.  I’m guessing that such an important day in some one’s life (like meeting your son for the first time!) would be kind of a blur, kind of like a wedding day, so I tried to document all the little details that went in to making the day so special.  I hope that this will enable them to remember what their big day felt like when they look back at these images years from now. 

Lots of preparation and details…





 Lots of play time with friends…


Lots of chatting with reporters who are interested in your remarkable story…



And getting a little choked up…


 Lots of snuggling with mom…


And kisses from your big brother…


Lots of chit-chatting to help pass the time…


Simple guestures of kindness, and a quick snack (don’t worry R.C., I eat when I’m anxious too!)…


Lots of excitement when the big moment finally arrives…



And lots of waiting patiently for Dad’s plane to land…



The biggest of smiles when you finally see it…


And lots of emotion when you realize that in just moments your family will be together for the very first time…


Lots of checking to make sure that mom is really paying attention…


Lots of stillness when the engines finally stop turning…


 Lots of practicing your best parade rest…


And lots of steps as you sprint across the tarmac and into your dads arms…


Lots of relief as you hold your son for the first time in months…



Lots of joy as you kiss your lovely wife and meet your new son…



And lots of elation when your family is at last complete…


To the *T* family…I am so incredibly happy for you.  I hope that you are enjoying your time together as a family and I wish you all the best!

If you would like to see more from this fly-in session please check out the slide show.  And if you or someone you know is a current military service member and is interested in complimentary custom portraiture check out www.OpLove.org to find a professional photographer in your area.

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{Can You Blame Them?} Camarillo Child Photographer


When you get right down to it a six foot tall bunny is pretty scary.



Happy Easter from Ryan and Chloe!

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{Portraits at the Pier} Ventura Family Photographer

I just adore shooting family portraits at the Ventura Pier.  There are so many great backdrops in one small area that it just lends itself to being a great place for family portraits.  This is particularly useful when I’m photographing small kids because I find that most little ones have a pretty limited amount of time that they are willing to put up with having a camera in their faces…as fun as I might be 🙂  So, with all the great spaces to shoot we can pop from one to another and in no time at all, voila…family portraits, check!

Here is a *quick* peek of a recent session a the pier.  This family was so lovely to photograph, and combined with the fact that the light was nice and soft that morning (check out this sky) and I love the result…

Family portaits at the pier in Ventura

Ventura pier family portraits.


I told you it would be a quick peek.  I don’t want to spoil the surprise for this beautiful mama, but there are so many that I love from this session that I think I’ll post a few more once her gallery is live so that everyone can see why I heart the pier.

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{Au Revoir} Ventura Family Portraits

I had such a fun time during this super quick family portrait session.  I was worried that photographing a family with 5 (yes, 5…you can count them yourself!) kids would take a while, and since I find that the really little ones are for the most part *done* with a photo shoot after about 45 minutes, I wasn’t sure how things would go.  Plus, I realized that I was rapidly loosing my voice on the morning of our shoot.  By the time I arrived at the park  to meet with these guys I sounded like a chain smoker.  But, even with all of those potential obstacles the shoot turned out great!  Fun kids, laid back parent, and great light make for pretty pictures.  And the whole thing took about a half an hour…rockin!

This family is generously lending us their Dad for the next 6 months.  He was deployed to the Middle East the day after our shoot and I’m so glad that we were able to squeeze this session in.  I hope that these images will give this bunch of  gorgeous kiddos and their brave and lovely mama a little daily reminder of their family bond.

The S family posing on a bridge at Valle Lindo Park in Camarillo for their family portraits.

L and C during their child portrait session in Camarillo.



The S family walking together in a park during their photos in Ventura County.

For more information on the Operation: Love Reunited program and to find a photographer in your area please click *here*.  Thanks so much to the S family.  I hope that you love your images.  It was so nice to meet you!

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