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Off Topic…

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This post is not about photography–forgive me for going off topic, but I can’t shake the thoughts that have been swirling around my head for the last few days.  I must get them out.  So here I go…


We are a nation plagued by violence.  It’s in our streets, it’s in our schools, and it’s on our screens.  We are a nation sitting atop a trifecta if you will–three legs of a stool that are seating an insurmountable load of violence.  The first major problem (though I am clearly simplifying here–there are undoubtedly many more) is that we are a nation in love with sensationalized onscreen violence.  Movies, TV, video games…the more terrifying the better.  Anything goes.  Nothing is off limits.  We are completely desensitized at this point.  Second issue–rampant mental illness (heightened no doubt by the aforementioned images that we view on a regular basis).  Our health care system does not and can not treat mental illness appropriately.  Read one mother’s first hand account here.  Lastly, we have no reasonable means of gun control in place in our country.  Weapons of war are now being turned on classrooms full of small children.  This has to stop.


This seems so big, so difficult to deal with, likely even too much for us to completely grasp.  And it is.  That’s why I think we need to simplify.  I am a mother, so I’m turning to what I can do as a mother–as one person.  While I will fully support legislation for revised gun control laws, and do whatever possible to back reforming our mental health care system, I need to do something now.  Something more personal, something daily–I ache to be a part of the change we need to see.  And I think I can.  I think what I can do today is rather simple.  I am a mother and I’m going to ignite a change (in my own family at the very least), of what is acceptable viewing material for my children’s eyes.  Violent behavior is learned.  Whether it be observed, or God forbid, experienced, violent behavior–extreme violent behavior– is learned.  I’m simply not going to let my children learn it.  Not on television, not in movies, not in video games.  I’m going to enact my own reform and I’m going to beg other mothers to do the same.


No shooting, no guns, no violence.  Even fairly sedate video games now make sport of taking down the opponent in a hail of bullets.  No more.  My children are young and I’ve instinctively done this up until now.  Today it has become a conscious decision.  A decision that I’m sure would be met with opposition if my children were older and I was packing up their favorite games and deleting their favorite shows.  Thankfully I won’t have to deal with that, but you know what?  Even if I did I would be fine with it.  Saying no now is much easier than dealing with the possible consequences later.  I’m not saying that viewing violent images and playing violent video games automatically turns people into murderers.  Of course it doesn’t.  But it can’t help–it can’t be good for little eyes, or adult eyes for that matter.  I think that it can, however, chip away at our societal morality.  It can let horrendous thoughts into our consciousness that might not be there otherwise.  Let’s take that possibility away.  Let’s saw off one of the legs of the stool and help to topple violence together.


I’m imploring all mothers, all fathers, all grandparents, all guardians–please join me.  Let’s stop this culture of violence.  Let’s enact change from the bottom up rather than from the top down.  I realize that it will take time, that this kind of change will take time, and that it will be difficult to sensor everything our children view–but honestly–at this moment, I can’t think of anything that is more important.


I’m asking you to consider what is best for your family and doing what you feel is appropriate.  And I’m asking you to share this message–share it in coffee shops, share it on blogs, share it on Facebook.  Please please share.

Featured on On To Baby!


It is such an honor to have been featured the lovely and inspirational blog, On To Baby.  If you haven’t seen On To Baby before you have to pop over there and check it out.  It was created by the same adorable ladies who run the ever-popular Wedding Chicks.  It is devoted to beautiful images, creative inspirations, and life with little ones. 

Click on the image to see the full post on On To Baby

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Fall {Ventura County Child Photographer}

Today officially feels like fall to me.  The weather is a little bit cooler, kids have started back to school, and my garden is just about finished.  I’m excited for the change in season and fall is my favorite time of year.  The color palate of these photos that I took at the amazing Jinky Art workshop over the weekend remind me of fall in Southern California and I adore them.  Barb is a complete inspiration and I can’t say enough positive things about her.  I’ll be sharing more images from the workshop in the coming weeks.

A girl and her white horse.I have been beyond busy lately and have a big project in the works that I will be announcing very soon!  I’m completely thrilled about it and if you would like to be in the know be sure to ‘like’ the Daniele Rose Photography Facebook page.  I’ll be talking about it there first.

If you are a client who is waiting for your sneak peek I appreciate your patience!  I’m getting caught up from my trip and will be blogging recent sessions soon.  All galleries will be complete within the normal time frame, so no delays there.

Finally, my calendar for the rest of the year is almost completely booked.  I know…crazy!  Believe me, I double checked.  If you would like to have portraits taken in time for the holidays this year please contact me as soon as possible to reserve your session.

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Little Angel {Ventura Newborn Photographer}

Wow…I knew this post would be difficult, but in sitting down to try to write it I’m finding that is almost impossible to get started.  I guess I’ll just start at the beginning, the first time that I heard of this inspiring and lovely family.  It was during the winter, maybe February or so, and I was sick.  So sick that for the first time in my life I completely lost my voice.  I.could.not.talk.at.all.  My hubby and I were sitting on the couch enjoying our quite evening (both because the kiddos were tucked into bed and I had no voice!) and watching the news.  A story about a little girl and her fight with cancer came on and my remote-wielding, tivo-loving husband started to fast forward through it, sensing it would be very sad.  I on the other hand wanted to watch it, but being that I couldn’t tell him to let it play I grabbed the remote from his hand and hit the button myself.  For the following few minutes we both sat there speechless as we watched a heart wrenching story about a beautiful little girl named Allison, who at only17 months old, lost her battle with a rare form of leukemia.  When the piece ended I sat there in silence with tears streaming down my face.  I looked over at my husband, who was of course also saddened by her story, at which point he said “thanks for making me watch that” in an oh-so-sarcastic tone.  But you know what?  I’m glad that I made him watch it.  I’m glad that I watched it.

I was so upset that I couldn’t contain my tears.  I’m not sure why a story about complete strangers shook me the way it did, but for the next couple of days I couldn’t stop thinking about Allison and her family.  I decided to check on the news channel’s website to see if I could find a link to learn more about them, and I did.  I found a link to their blog and read through it crying uncontrollably once again.  Hardly able to see my computer screen I remembered something they had said at the end of the news segment.  They said that Nicole, Allison’s mom, was told that it would be unlikely for her to be able to have any other children because of medical problems that she suffers from.   Even though this was the case she did become pregnant again, and she and her husband were expecting another child, a girl, who was due in the summer.

I’m not typically one to reach out to complete strangers, but somehow after reading their blog, hearing their story, and feeling such pain at the very thought of their loss, somehow they no longer felt like strangers.  I decided to contact Nicole and offer to photograph their new daughter once she was born.  I really thought that I probably wouldn’t receive a reply, and that she would most likely think it was strange that I would even offer given that we didn’t know each other.  But she did reply!  And she was thrilled with my offer…and I am thrilled that she accepted 🙂

Meet Caroline…Allison’s beautiful little sister and her kind and lovely parents…


Newborn baby photography in Ventura CountyNewborn baby photography in Ventura County

Newborn baby photography in Ventura County

Nicole’s orange bow is in honor and memory of Allison.  I think it is perfectly placed in this photograph.

Newborn baby photography in Ventura County

Although their story is sad, it brings about promise and hope.  Hope of new life and lives saved by their beautiful daughter Allison, and her brave battle with cancer.  Almost 2,000 people have been inspired by her story and joined the National Bone Marrow registry in her honor.  Out of the over 13 million people on the registry, there was one perfect match for Allison.  ONE.   Unfortunately her disease took over and she was unable to receive her transplant.  But maybe YOU could be the one perfect match for someone else.  If you would like more information about becoming a donor please visit http://www.marrow.org/.  And, if you would like to honor Allison’s memory and become a donor you can do so by visiting http://www.marrow.org/JOIN/Join_Now_Sponsored/join_now_sponsored.html.  Follow the onscreen instructions and enter promo code: AllisonsGift when prompted.  This link allows you to share the gift of life free of charge and will be valid through August 31st.

Personally, until this morning I had been hemming and hawing over whether or not I should sign up myself.  But in reading Nicole’s blog about Allison again to get a little background info for this post I saw that Allison’s middle name was Danielle.  Is it a coincidence?  Probably, but maybe…just maybe it is a sign.  A sign that I am the ONE perfect match for someone out there.  Or maybe the fact that you just happend to stumble upon this post today it is a sign that YOU are the ONE.

To Nicole and Shaun:  Caroline is perfect and it has been such a blessing to meet you guys and be able to capture this special time in your lives.  I hope that these images bring a much deserved smile to your faces!  Thank you for allowing me to share your story!

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{Chloe is One!} Ventura County Children’s Photographer

It is utterly amazing how fast this year has gone by.  I feel like we just brought her home from the hospital, and already she is one. 

Chloe at 4 days old…


Chloe today…img11img21

She is such a sweet and happy little girl…loves her big brother, baths, and yogurt!  I’m so grateful that I am the one who is blessed with the task of being her mama.   As happy as this day is, its a little sad too (for me at least!).   I miss the infant that she was, love the baby that she is, and can’t wait to meet the toddler that she will become.  Happy Birthday Chloe Grace!


{My Own} Camarillo Children’s Photographer

In a pathetically feeble attempt at gardening I recently planted flowers in the big copper pot that sits on my porch.  I love this copper pot (and anything copper, really) but sadly it is quite neglected and whatever tries to live in it is usually dead within a month…two at most.  I would like to be a gardener, and one day when I have more time it will definitely be a hobby I pursue, but for now I’ll stick to changing out the flowers in my big copper pot four times a year.

I had a helper this time.  Ryan loves to garden.  The outdoors is in his blood.  When his dad mows our lawn he follows him closely wielding his little plastic bubble mower.  He even has his own gardening gloves (see below).  Maybe I’ll just teach him how to garden (which I guess will mean that I’ll have to learn myself!) and then enjoy the fruits of his labor.  But for now,  its just nice to spend time outside together.

For fall…





cabbage patch kid…

For the longest time I’ve had this dream of photographing Chloe in a cabbage patch.  Strange I know…maybe something about her pudgy round form that led me to the idea.  I’m sure my husband thought I was completely crazy as I said, “Oh, honey…on the way to breakfast I want to stop by this cabbage patch that I saw the other day…”.  He is such a sweetheart and didn’t bat an eye.  We stopped at the patch, Ryan and Dad waiting in the car, and my cabbage patch dream came true…


It only lasted about 2.5 seconds, though.  Then she realized where she was and was less than thrilled…


Thank goodness for fast lenses!

Cool Katie…

…that’s what my son Ryan calls her, and she is pretty cool!  We have been going to Kindermusik with Katie for about a year now and we just love it.  I really wanted to Ryan to be exposed to a fun classroom type setting so that he could get used to that kind of enviornment before starting preschool.  At first he was a little shy and reserved, but now he has an absolute blast!  Its pretty cute…he talks about Katie all week and almost every morning when I ask him what he wants to do that day he says ‘go to moo-zik class’. 

I think the class is so great because of the combination of a well-thought-out cirriculum and a fun and enthusiastic teacher.  Here is Katie in action…being ‘cool’…




Ryan checking out the instruments…


A  ‘ring around the rosie’ action shot…


The kids (and grown-ups) having fun…



If you’re looking for a fun and educational class for your little one I highly recommend Kindermusik!

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